5 Benefits of Running for Weight Loss You Should Know

Do you want to have a great body? Then, losing weight may be one of your options to finally wear that bikini without feeling uncomfortable to show off your tummy.
Most people find losing weight as a difficult, strenuous activity; given the fact that their body should sacrifice a lot – from dieting, having enough sleep to exercising regularly.
Some may even find dieting as a hard one as it would mean getting rid of some foods and switch to those that don’t give much gratification to their palates.
But, did you know that you can actually lose weight without having to say goodbye to your favorite foods?
Well, yes, running! Running can substitute your going to the gym every day. Let’s talk about it, then, and see the benefits of running for weight loss.

What Running Can Do For You
1. Running can help you have a stronger heart and lungs. Making time for running at least 30 minutes a day makes your lungs stronger and more efficient in breathing. Researches show that asthma attacks are, if not never, seldom suffered by those who used to have it since they started exercising through running.

2. Running strengthens your knees, joints, and bones. If you’ve heard about running as something bad for your knees, well, it has already been proven that it’s not. In fact, according to David Felson, a researcher from Boston University, running improves knee health.

3. Running improves your mood. If you feel like things don’t fall into place or your world goes up and down, try to run regularly. Research shows that the endorphins your body releases after running cause you to feel less anxious, calmer, more relaxed, and more content. Running makes your body release a greater level of endorphins than when you are only at rest. Study shows that running even makes you feel a great sense of accomplishment.

4. Running keeps you sharper and smarter. In case you start getting worried about aging, afraid of losing your mental capabilities, resort to regular running and make it a habit. One study shows that running can prevent age-related metal decline. In fact, older adults who are fit scored better in mental tests than those who are unfit, according to some studies. Patients who have suffered stroke have improved their language, thinking, memory, even judgement by 50 percent since they’ve made running as a routine.

5. Running helps reduce the risk of having cancers. It has been found out that regular exercise lowers the risk of cancers. If you choose running as your means of exercise, you can’t go wrong with it. If you are undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed of a certain cancer, regular running can, if not cure your cancer, at least improve the quality of your life.

Running must have become an overlooked way of exercising with the advent of gyms nowadays. If you are a fan of diets or yoga as your preferred daily exercise, why not try running? One good thing about running is that you can just do it anytime and just around the vicinity of your home.
What is more, you don’t need to pay for a monthly fee and a membership fee to be able to sweat all your calories out. Running is free, and its positive benefits can surely make you happy. And hey, there’s no better way to lose weight but exercise. So, why not choose ‘running’?
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Running Benefits: Running for Weight Loss